Founded by Julien Bayle, artist, teacher and both certfied as Max Certified Trainer & Ableton Certified Trainer, Structure Void is the most flexible legal structure for everything concerning art & technology creation.

We provide courses and consulting on these creative environments & topics :


We are here both at international creative scenes and into training and consulting fields since more than 10 years. From official university courses; workshops and collaborations to group or individual training sessions, we have been able to acquire visibility which allows us to position now ourselves as an unmissable player in the field. Training with us also means benefiting from our extensive network of contacts in academic, artistic and cultural circles.

We are experts knowing all underlying bits of technology related to audiovisual and interaction production, but we are also real and full time artists using Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max/MSP on a daily basis ! Julien Bayle has been certified by Ableton more than 10 years ago & teaches not only in art and new media art schools but also in different audio production masters as a guest teacher here and there in Europe. Together, we won’t read the technology’s user manual with you but we will guide you to drive you to become your own expert in order to be able to use what you’ll learn directly in the day after the training sessions !

Each teaching session is a proper teaching project by itself. With us, you don’t have to choose a previously made déroulé: we are building together your very own and special teaching session exactly fitting your own needs. You can, for instance, enable the ON-DEMAND mode for a 5 days session and start by learning Ableton Live for 2 days, then 2 days learning bits about Max for Live and then, ending with 1 full day into Arduino and physical computing.

As we know about the absolute balance between creative time & learning time, we propose the most flexible set up for you: you can choose the TOTAL mode, the ACCELERATED mode or even 3-hours time slots to learn ! For instance, you don’t have a lot of time for learning but absolutely need to learn Ableton Live: we can split Ableton Live 5 days into 1 day, then 2 consecutive days 3 weeks after, then 1 day again, then 3 hours + 3 hours again in the end of the day.


All our training sessions, whatever the mode you choose, can be funded. It requires to be connected with a french company for which you are working or may have worked for, and this latter can help you to get fund, as we are an official and legal training center. Ask us more information for this by contacting us.


Coming from more than 10 years teaching and consulting experience and about 15 years of audiovisual creation, we are proposing courses about 4 creation frameworks :

You can choose to learn one-single framework, this is the FRAMEWORK mode.

You can also choose to learn about more than one framework, this is the ON-DEMAND mode.

For instance, you want to design a new audiovisual live performance and need to consolidate your Ableton Live knowledge and also how to analyze audiosignal and convert them into visuals with Max 8. You choose the ON-DEMAND mode and you take 2 days of Ableton Live sessions plus 4 days of Max 8 sessions.

Another example, you want to control Ableton Live by gesture detection, that’s very ok: we size together the global schedule of your learning project and we can merge Ableton Live with Arduino and physical computing knowledge into an amazing courses designed especially for you.

FRAMEWORK & ON-DEMAND modes can be delivered as online sessions but also as face-to-face sessions, groups or one-to-one.


Whatever your skill, STRUCTURE VOID can exactly fit your needs.

At the beginning, we evaluate your initial skills with you by discussing, asking questions and more. Then, we can size the intensity and density of your learning sessions.


We can propose to get you here in Marseille, from one-to-one sessions to group sessions. Marseille is a south-east city from France, 2nd biggest one in our country, where the sun & sea provide a nice place to live and learn.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to free large time-slots moments to get your sessions, if you can’t come here in Marseille, our whole learning proposition is available online ! We just have to decide together about the schedule we can have.

For instance, if you absolutely needs to learn Ableton Live but only have 1 day a week and live in UK ? We can do it ! We decide to split our 5 or 6 usual days into 1 day per week over two months (5 or 6 week) and we just do it. You can be in your own studio, or at home, and we can save travel expenses and time by doing this online.

FRAMEWORK & ON-DEMANDE modes are available on site, but online too !


Legally declared as a training center in France, if you are link to a legal structure in France, you can ask it to fund your training session.

For instance, you are employed as an artist in a french studio, or you are a media art teacher in a french institution: you have some rights you could use to get your training sessions funded.

Ask us about it if you need more details.