This page features a set of testimonials from some of artists, teachers, researchers, musicians with which we have been lucky to work these years.

These professionals and passioned amateurs got trainings with us about Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max 8 (Max/MSP), Arduino, both in FRAMEWORK & ON-DEMAND Mode too.

Fred Nevché

Singer, musician, poet
Compagnie “Les dist sont de là” Art Director

Ableton Live On-Demand One-To-One training (2017)

It is a training which embraces at the same time, the structural study of the software Ableton, and an adaptation to the personality and the needs of the one who follows the training.

One of the best French trainers who adapts to your needs.

Guillaume Quet

Audiovisual artist

Max 8 On-Demande One-to-One training (2014)

I did a training on Max / Msp / Jitter with Julien Bayle in December 2014. Before this one, I had already tried to learn to use max by doing it alone, but without success. Julien taught me the basics, gave me self-confidence by making me take a real leap forward. And it is thanks to this training that I can now continue my learning on my own. In addition to being a good teacher, he adapts perfectly to our needs. We decide what we want to learn, he takes care of the rest. Another positive point, Julien is a real enthusiast, the many discussions were rich and formative. Finally, in my artistic career, I consider today that this training was essential despite its short duration. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge on the computer and technical level, but it also developed in me a new form of multidisciplinary creation (sound and visual).

Virgile Abela

Musician & Artist

Max 8 On-Demand One-To-One multiple trainings (2016, 2017 et 2018)
Consulting & Max / Arduino programming for his installation Le Pendule Acoustique

I seriously wanted to learn MAX / MSP, and luck led me to Julien Bayle. Chance… Above all, luck! Julien Bayle totally honors the reputation which seems to be his as a reference in the matter. This guy has the answer to EVERYTHING! And yet I did not give up during 18 days of private lessons, that is to say … Well, in addition to the indisputable technical skills which are his, Julien turns out to be an excellent teacher while showing great humility , he is able to be totally attentive to your way of approaching the understanding that you will have of things. Finally, his global vision, both scientific and artistic, allows an empirical approach through a very structured, creative and functional learning. Do not hesitate for a second to call on him, as well as to find the possibilities of funding through vocational training in order to allow as much time as possible, because MAX / MSP is dense, very dense. Your neurons will not heat up for nothing, especially if you are with him!

Arthur Dagallier

Actor & Musician (Ma Pauvre Lucette)

Ableton Live One-To-One training (2016)

They say we only use 10% of our brain, I realize that I was using even less of my Ableton Live!

Julien was able, in just a few days, to give me a complete overview of everything that could be useful to me about this software in the context of my work. Very educator and above all very attentive, he was able to adapt the training program to my project and my real use. We have sought together to respond to the issues that I encounter regularly and I come away with the desire to go even further. Maybe with Max MSP …

Beyond the trainer, I discovered in Julien Bayle a fascinating person whom I hope to meet again outside of the apprenticeship.

Sébastien Pitt

Artist, Teacher

Ableton Live, Max 8, Max for Live On-Demand One-to-One training (2018)

In 2018, I had the chance to go to Marseille to attend a master class with Julien. During this dense and fruitful meeting, I greatly appreciated his concrete approach through the application of the concepts taught. In addition to being a pleasant business, Julien quickly understood the intention of my approach and was able to adapt his vast expertise to allow me to consolidate, and this in a very short time, a know-how allowing me to my return to put my ideas into practice.

Julien has the necessary expertise to consolidate your know-how.

François Larini

Musician & Art Curator

Ableton Live One-To-One training (2013)

Mastering a music creation software can, at first glance, seem quite simple: manual, online help, videos and other tutorials on youtube can allow you to quickly “get by”, or at least give that impression …

What a training course, such as the one developed by Julien Bayle, brings goes well beyond: a structured and progressive approach, automatisms, benchmarks but also a real listening and a consideration of specific questions … As many elements that allow you to focus on one thing: the sound material and the creative process.

Patrick Sanchez

Research Engineer (Laboratoire de Mécanique et Acoustique UMR 7031 – CNRS)

Research & Consulting (since 2014)

His artistic talent is undeniable and recognized just like his technical knowledge essential to his art. Julien is an artist coupled with a genius engineer who through his multiple skills knows how to build and carry out both artistic and technical projects in areas such as audio, video, Max / MSP and Ableton programming, areas that one can qualify as “Sound design” and that it teaches and divulges thanks to many writings. Julien is a phenomenon that we no longer recommend but who must be exploited to the maximum as his creative power is great.

Antoine Eole


Max 8 On-Demande One-to-One training (2019)

Julien is not just a technical teacher but also an artist. His learning of Max MSP is immediately musical and aesthetic.
Its pedagogy and its faculty adapts to your needs.

Coralie Diatkine

Artist, Sound designer

Max 8 & Max for Live One-to-One On-Demande training (2016)

I had an individual Live / Max4Live training with Julien Bayle, intended to strengthen my skills as a designer / sound artist and teacher. Julien had unique strengths for me: perfect mastery of tools, cutting-edge artistic production, and falling within a sound and visual universe in phase with my research. This training confirmed my choice. He was attentive, was able to adapt to my goals, my project, my pace, while being methodical. It allowed me to be active and succeeded, in a relatively short time, in giving me an overview of the tools while allowing me to deepen specific points especially in the use of Max (specific libraries) or in the integration of Processing scripts. One regret: not having had a few more days to go further. I am therefore fully satisfied with my training and do not think that it would have been possible to find a this quality elsewhere.

Olivier Cavalié

proteiform Artist

Max 8 & Arduino One-to-One On-Demande (2017)

On-Demand training in the good sense of the word, streamlined on demand. I had a very good week with Julien, first of all thanks to his generous and relevant personality; a real treat to discuss with Julien, about “Max” (no, not his son) but not only, about life in general, his artistic sensitivity and his openness are good. In my case, the specifications were rather heavy , see impossible, in a week of training. It was not a question of provoking an artistic approach but rather of channeling and ordering priorities, something that Julien was able to manage with flying colors. He knows his job and likes to share his passion, from there, a lot of things are possible … His curiosity, his insight, his spirit of pioneering musician, complete and generous artist, have taught me a lot. familiarize myself with “Max”, Julien gave me the essential bases so that I can continue to develop my projects, I thank him and recommend this training.

Paul Peyret

Acoustic Engineer (ex-ANSYS)

Ableton Live & Max 8 On-Demande One-to-One training (2015)

Acoustic engineer at Genesis, I am interested in sound perception on industrial issues. Working on several sound design projects, I wanted to discover a new tool allowing to create original sounds in an interactive way.

Julien was able to respond and adapt to our approach and our issues with a complete and interactive training on Ableton Live. This training allowed me to explore the full potential of Live and define the best methodology to conduct sound design workshops for Genesis clients.

Aurélie Vial

Artist, Video artist, Art Curator

Max 8 One-to-One On-Demand training (2014)

My training with Julien in 2014 made me discover another world. A new form of creation and a new artistic space where technology, computer program manages to propose and provoke a contemporary artistic approach with an immense palette of possibilities.

My desire during this training was to understand in more detail the mechanisms of how to generate visuals that react to sound in real time in order to develop an audiovisual performance.
The training was therefore concrete.

Julien knew how to stimulate my ideas to become more coherent and structured in my artistic approach as well as to go further in technical terms.

Laurent Turpault


Ableton Live One-to-One training (2016)

Acquiring knowledge, knowledge, is good. Having a real encounter with a beautiful person and her world is even better. All the technical answers were found during this internship with Julien Bayle. All the software has been seen in detail with a simple approach, but still effective and without concessions. Julien explains how it works with clarity and always with a lot of calm and attention. He knows how to adapt perfectly to our requests and our project. The software is fully seen and known to date. All that remains for me to do is practice to confirm. Beyond the knowledge I acquired, I also really appreciated our discussions, Julien’s sympathy and listening. Discovering his world also allowed me to open mine to new and of course modular sound spaces. 😉

Cyril Perles


Ableton Live One-to-One training (2015)

Learning computer music software can seem to be confusing, especially for an instrumentalist: new terminology, new approaches centered on the technical aspect … I have tried like many fellow musicians to “train myself”. Despite the user-friendliness of ABABLETON LIVE the result was not entirely suitable for me. I was lucky to be able to follow a training course with Julien BAYLE. Julien certainly has extensive knowledge of how ABABLETON LIVE works. He is also an inspired artist. But its greatest quality comes from its teaching method. The pedagogy he uses during his training is centered on the needs of his learners. Despite a certified ABLETON LIVE training and therefore with a “framed” teaching, he was able to adapt to my expectations. His humility and expertise bring real added value to the training.

Denis Racloz

Musician & Teacher

Ableton Live & Max for Live One-to-One On-Demand trainings (2014, 2015)

I started my musical journey in the field of popular music before integrating a course in conservatory (trumpet classes, singing, writing, analysis / history of music). There followed 5 years of studies in the field of sound and musical pedagogy which led me to the profession of teacher of musical training first, then of Musician Intervening at school, and finally of Musician Early childhood worker (children 0-3 years old). Throughout my 30 years of activity, I have sought to complete my basic musical training by pursuing studies of audio assistant, and electroacoustic composition, with the very strong desire to be able to join my educational activities. and those relating to new technology tools.

It is in this context that I got to know Julien Bayle with whom I followed two training courses dedicated to ABLETON LIVE and Max for LIVE; Well took me, because the man is in the matter a well of knowledge, and his work force coupled with a great generosity make of him a most effective ally.

Laurent Sorgato

Musician & CEO

Ableton Live One-to-One training (2014)

Coaching: Julien has totally adapted to my needs and my questions on Live.

To train with Julien is so good!