We provide 2 training modes :

  • FRAMEWORK mode, you choose a framework, a unique topic.
  • ON-DEMAND Mode, you compose your own training with many topics.

All our trainings Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max 8 (Max/MSP) & Arduino can be delivered in both FRAMEWORK & ON-DEMAND Modes.


All our trainings are eligible to FRAMEWORK Mode.

FRAMEWORK Mode is the hardcore total mode. This is the entry point from which you choose a framework, and where you learn EVERYTHING related to it in order to become full autonomous about the topic !

This mode can be chosen for ONLINE & FACE-TO-FACE trainings.



  • A deep unique focus on a specific framework & about a proper special topic
  • You become an expert yourself about the framework
  • You are totally autonomous & able to use & create immediately after the training

Exhaustive approach allows students to master the tool they learn, but is also very inspiring and opening new worlds to them.



After a short introduction about the story of the framework and how it articulates within the production/creation ecosystems, you start to learn about the whole set of features, and to discover a lot of tips and things that only real experiences artists can know and teach.


This is our best famous mode adopted by numerous students !

With over than 10 years experiences slowly built as creators, programmers & teachers, Structure Void is the single one entity able to propose a real ON-DEMAND mode based on transdisciplinarities & all along the panel of technologies we know about.

This is the feature which comes more often in the testimonials and support we have.


  • Learn about multiple technologies in the same session
  • Work at the juncture of many creation fields
  • Make our transdisciplinary project more coherent

For instance, ON-DEMAND Mode allows a sound artist to learn about how sound can interacts with visuals by attending 2 days into Ableton Live and 3 next days with Max 8, crossing sound -analysis, visuals generations and live performance setup design in a same training session.

ON-DEMAND mode multiplies ways by removing walls between knowledge fields.



At first, we decide together about a proper pedagogical project dedicated to your own needs.

For instance, the student is a visual artist, working with light and who wants to add sound to her/his/else practice by building a generative and interactive system reacting to people presence in the exhibition room.

We propose to work around light control with Max 8 and DMX systems, as Art-Net too and with Arduino and sensors for the sensing part of her/his/else future installation.

Thanks to our unique ON-DEMAND Mode, her/his/else could take benefits of working with all underlying technologies because we know how to use Max 8 for designing interaction, sensors data parsing, adding logics, designing small electrical circuits for giving the computer a way to sense the world. Practically, we can propose her/his/else a session composed with 3 days in Max and 2 days with Arduino. We can also start to built systems around her/his/else own new projects.