You are a sound artist, a visual artist, an audiovisual installation designer, an audio or visual fx creator, a teacher, a researcher or a programmer..

We propose to train you to Max remotely or face-to-face in Marseille, France with Julien Bayle both Ableton Certified Trainer AND Max Certified Trainer, also audiovisual artist, and consultant.

Working for a french company? You could have this training funded (contact us for more informations about this)


Max 8, (formerly Max/MSP), is an interactive graphical programming framework providing ways to manipulate & connect sound, visual, gestures and physical sensing within a simple structure named a patch.

Whoever you are like a sound artist, a visual on, or if you are a science researcher and want to design real-time algorithms for signal processing (dsp), or an art school teacher wanting to provide new inspiring techniques to your students, this new framework has been designed for you, and we can guide and help you to become an expert here!

You’ll know about programming using graphical paradigm (without typing any rows of code!) and to inject and generated sound or control signals for your modular synthesizers, to process video stream or to design sound spatialization systems.

You’ll learn how to create your own MIDI or OSC sequencers, whatever they could be from step sequencers to completely uncanny non-linear ones.

You’ll master how give your computer a way to sense the physical world and how to control any programs using sensors, gestures and more by diving into physical computing field.

You’ll discover how to create Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and GLSL Shaders (video textures generators & processor on GPU) by using GEN world in Max.

Through a unique approach only provided by the artists & experts we are, we will build together with you your own training schedule by providing exactly the package you need.

If you already know Max, you can also directly dive into our new training about Sound synthesis with Max


Sound artists, Visual Artistes, Audiovisual installations Designers, Audio Fx Designers, Visual FX Designers, Researchers, Teachers, Programmers..

All our Max/MSP trainings are flexible and can address beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

During our first contact, we evaluate your skills through questions and we propose you a specific and dedicated training program.


Our Max 8 (Max/MSP) trainings can be done as One-To-One and Group modes.

You can choose Remote or Face-to-Face Training.

We can propose you the best flexibility by providing all possible combinations: you can start remotely, and come here to end your training, or, we could design a full week for your group, Face-to-Face here in France and get for each one of you some individual one-to-one 3 hours remotely after that…


All courses durations can be modulated, but we used to propose you these 3 packages :

  • TOTAL (5 days)
  • ACCELERATED (3 days)
  • REMOTE CAPSULES (3 hours slots)

During our first discussion, we decide together which mode fits your needs.

TOTAL mode gives you the solid/full/total autonomy with Max 8.
ACCELERATED MODE provides you everything you need to use Max 8 without too much time constraint.
REMOTE CAPSULES is the most flexible mode which provides the best way to learn all along weeks and month, slower.

Depending on your needs, we can provide longer Max 8 training sessions.


If you are working for a company in France, for a french institution, you can probably get your Max 8 (Max/MSP) training funded.

Contact us for this to get more specific informations.


  • Understanding graphical programming paradigms
  • Sound analysis & signal synthesis w/ MSP
  • Video synthesis and processing w/ Jitter
  • Interfaces design & communication protocols
  • Using any data to create sound & visuals
  • Evaluate and build setups for live performance and art installations
  • Synthesizers & audio effects design with gen~ for VST
  • Export features with RNBO new module !



Intro about real-time graphical paradigm programming frameworks

Framework presentation
– Setup
– What is patching ?
– On the Fly help system

Max & data messages
– Basics (objects & connections, data types, I/O, patches’ architectures, storing data, timing, messages routing, presentation mode, user interface)
– MIDI objects
– Data processing (capture, processing, store/recall),
– Communication interface (intra-application, inter-application, serial and more),
– Introduction to Javascript inside Max,
– Some patches examples: data processing, MIDI to OSC conversion, sequencers design…
– Hints & Tips
– Message to Max (itself)

MSP & signals
– prerquisites & digital audio
– MSP principles and how it relates with Max
– Audio I/O
– Oscillators, Noise, routing, signal visualization & synthesis
– Signal modulations (AM, FM etc) & waveshaping
– Creating signal and audio processors (delay, reverb, flanger, chorus)
– Patches examples : Signal processors, sequencers sample-rate accurate…
– Audio Compression concepts
– Message to MSP(itself)

gen~ (dsp design)
– gen~ concepts and synchronous loop
– fx design with gen~
– codebox
– code export for VST design

Export your patches w/ RNBO
– export for VST
– export for Web
– introduction to RNBO fx pedals

Jitter & visuals
– pre-requisites : matrices & OpenGL
– Video file playing & recording
– Matrix generation & processing
– Live video streaming
– OpenGL rendering and GPU
– Patches examples: mixing & video fx, synchronization
– jit.gen for efficient & custom matrix processing
– jit.pix & jit.gl.pix & pixel processing on GPU for shaders design

MC objects & multi-channel within the patch

– interactive sound installation example
– sound processor
– interface between two programs
– audio-reactive setup for generating visuals according to sound