This page is a very quick showcase featuring some proof of concepts and demo based on RNBO in Max.
The common underlying idea is the RNBO Web export and what we can do with it in real-life.
You can read more about what RNBO is here : https://rnbo.cycling74.com/learn/welcome-to-rnbo

Basically, there is no limit. We can connect sensors to Max, to RNBO Web Export page

All examples feature a RNBO Max Patch which have been exported and which interact with Processing JS in both direction.
RNBO Max Patch can also be exported for running on Raspberry Pi, or as VST/AU. And we can also grab the whole patch as C++ code for integrating it within any frameworks (Openframeworks, Juce, etc)

  • The Processing JS code displays/draws inside the browser and takes care of all user interaction and network connections with the world.
  • The RNBO Max Patch Web export takes care of everything related to the sound, MIDI communications eventually.

Click on the examples below for checking them…


Page non traduite en français.

Notre formation Max inclut RNBO et nous maîtrisons l’outil pour:

  • le design d’objets (externals) Max
  • l’export web et le lien avec P5.JS
  • l’export vers plugins VST/AU
  • l’export vers Raspberry Pi