Solar Irradiance


This page connects to a data server providing the solar irradiance at the place of our studio.
Depending on this amount of irradiance, the code generates a more or less evolving circle and a low sound.

It very slowly evolve all along the day, going up and down from dawn to dusk, illustrating the constant tides of daylight.

The initial sound is based upon a sound recording by Julien Bayle made with a Geofon able to capture the very low frequencies of a place from several Hz to 1,2 kHz maximum.
This sample is looped by the Max / RNBO export code and passes through a Max based reverb processing, only.


Just watch & listen.
Low frequencies involved, please use decent earphones to enjoy the sound texture.


  • MAX + RNBO / sound, com with UI
  • P5.JS / generative visuals
  • JSON Data grabbing